June 2009

The Malice of Mondoweiss

June 28, 2009

Beware the righteous, for they are righteous when they are right, and they are righteous when they are wrong; they navigate by a missionary compass, and when it loses its North, they steer with conviction toward the South, unknowing. The Book of Adler 5:15 On June 4, Max Blumenthal and Joseph Dana released on the […]

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Dog Days

June 23, 2009

The Nature of Things Bound for Glory (or Mobile) JD

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Along the Interstate

June 22, 2009

Blue Beacon Truck Wash: West Memphis, Arkansas God is Everywhere JD Interstate To swerve is to miss To miss to long for: A receding highway light In the middle of the country Through the center of the night. How distance beckons and turns away. This starry billboard rises Along the road, through every county It […]

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The Choctaw Nation Health Care Center

June 17, 2009

All Indian Nations have a story of the conquest. For many Western Tribes, like the Apache and the Sioux, the story includes tenacious resistance to European advances and a bitter defeat. For some Eastern tribes, like those historically known, controversially, as the Five Civilized Tribes – the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Muscogee (Creek), and Seminole – […]

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Lessons in Democracy

June 12, 2009

The New York Times reports that a majority of New Yorkers do not favor Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s serving another term, despite Blumenthal’s success last October in getting the New York City Council to “extend” term limits so that he and council members could all serve third terms. Term limits were imposed in New York City […]

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The Honor of the Mascot, or A Team by Any Other Name

June 8, 2009

Indian Country Today reports Some Native American plaintiffs in the long-running dispute against the proprietors of the Washington Redskins’ football name and logo want the U.S. Supreme Court to hear their case. Here is a question: Would Indians be mascots if they’d won? Before we consider an answer to that question, let’s first shoot off […]

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The View from Our Window

June 6, 2009

The Mississippi River, looking east and upriver from West Memphis, Arkansas toward Memphis, Tennessee. Shot with Jay’s Moto Q and NOT by the Jewel. Just so you know. … not a bad livingroom view as the morning sun rises. AJA

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Have We Ever Steered You Wrong?

June 6, 2009

RedClout unloads on a Madison (S.D.) Daily Leader editorial that criticizes the choice of the Standing Rock Sioux to spend $4.1 million of stimulus money on construction of a local airport, a project that reportedly will create about 150 jobs. If the non-Natives who don’t know any Indians are never thinking about them, the ones […]

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The Code Talkers Are Passing

June 6, 2009

Three of the Navajo Code Talkers, all in their eighties, have died in the past two weeks. Read about John Brown Jr., Thomas Claw, and Willie K. Begay. Read about Code Talker Sam Tso, very much still with us, whom we met in Lukachukai, Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation back in March. And today being […]

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