April 2012

The Boys Who Cried the Boy Who Cried anti-Semitism

April 30, 2012

. One of the salient features of the evolving massively networked media environment is the readier production than ever before of manufactured realities. Enough people simply assert something to be true, enough people virally lift the assertion across the MNM and write about it as true, and the idea takes almost unshakeable hold in the […]

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Eating Poetry (XXXIV) – Time Is the Fire

April 28, 2012

. There are few poems that move me as much.  In its avid desire to reclaim from the fire all of particularity, “the smallest color of the smallest day,” it simply burns. Calmly We Walk through This April’s Day BY DELMORE SCHWARTZ Calmly we walk through this April’s day, Metropolitan poetry here and there, In the […]

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Language Is So Unstable, You Don’t Even Know What I’m Talking About (Do You)

April 27, 2012

. Hyperbole is a commonly used word that is actually a classical rhetorical device. We recognize it is as exaggeration for effect, which is distinct from by temperament, which no doubt leads to the tall tale, then the outright lie, then corruptions of the spirit, the flesh, and  the soul, and finally the fall of […]

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Jazz Is: 37 – Nina Simone, “Love Me or Leave Me”

April 26, 2012

. Just take this as an add shot to your morning espresso. Related articles Here, There & Everywhere: Jazz at the Federal opens (irom.wordpress.com) Jazz For Young People: What Is New Orleans Jazz? At Jazz At Lincoln Center (bxcheapskate.com) New Orleans Jazz Sensation’s New Album Highlights a Montage of Music Culture (pr.com)

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We’re Waiting for Godot

April 25, 2012

. ESTRAGON:(having tried in vain to work it out). I’m tired! (Pause.) Let’s go. VLADIMIR:We can’t. ESTRAGON:Why not? VLADIMIR:We’re waiting for Godot. We caught the penultimate performance on Sunday of the Michael Arabian directed Waiting for Godot at the Mark Taper Forum. It was a truly superb production of which the Los Angeles Times’s Charles McNulty […]

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“The Don Draper of Existentialism”

April 24, 2012

. Albert Camus is having a moment. He should have more of them and always. To be French, though, in these United States, since Lafayette, has always meant to be as recherche as the word; to be an existentialist, for a long time now, so passe (and so freaking French); and to be left, in […]

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Israeli Ambassador Fears 60 Minutes “Hatchet Job”; Bob Simon Protests, Then Delivers

April 23, 2012

. On 60 Minutes last night, Bob Simon explained in backgrounding the excerpts of his interview with Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren that Oren asked to respond to the 60 Minutes report – before it even aired – because he had heard the report would be a “hatchet job.” (The reported charge is […]

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Nothing Doing

April 20, 2012

. Cosmologist Laurence Kruass’s latest book is A Universe From Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather Than Nothing. Originally intended to contain a foreword by Christopher Hitchens, the book makes bold to tackle through physics a question to which religion has historically provided the comforting answer and over which contemporary philosophy long ago dismissively threw […]

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A Conservative Trifecta

April 19, 2012

  1. Here is Michael Tomasky in yesterday’s Daily Beast on the disease of moderation mania. It is an illness that arises, in one origin, from being so systemically embedded that one cannot think outside of it. (That would be the box, for you phrase hogs.) To be making these proposals after the past nearly four […]

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Jazz Is: 36 – White Tie & Reefer

April 18, 2012

. Cab Calloway and “Reefer Man.” My favorite part is watching his hair fly. And here’s a little background on the Cab: Prince before Prince. Related articles Cab Calloway Sings “Minnie The Moocher” (treeofmamre.wordpress.com) Video Proves The Power Of Music: Dementia Patient Loves His Cab Calloway (towleroad.com) Cab Calloway Song On iPod Awakens Senior In […]

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Anders Breivik and the Mystery of Judgment

April 17, 2012

. I admit to the acts, but not to criminal guilt. I do not plead guilty, I was acting in self-defence. Those are the words of Anders Breivik at his trial in Norway. [T]he self-confessed mass killer tried to cast himself in the role of Norway’s lone crusader against the forces of pernicious multiculturalism. There […]

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Tenth Anniversary of a Lie

April 16, 2012

. The Battle of Jenin was waged between April 1-11 2002. Recently, Myrrh, at Harry’s Place, took note of that anniversary by surveying the historically malicious and misinformative coverage of the conflict by England’s Guardian. But the Guardian‘s campaign of hysterical distortion constituted only a part, if a prominent one, of a campaign of lies and anti-Israel calumny […]

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How We Lived On It (48) – Ave Maria

April 14, 2012

. Write text here… Related articles How We Lived On It (47) – Two Ways of the World (sadredearth.com) How We Lived On It (46) – “The Caging Of America” (sadredearth.com)

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“What Must Be Said” Is Nothing

April 12, 2012

. I have heard it said – better, I have read it in a tweet – that Gunther Grass could hardly have been expected, at 17, to resist recruitment into the Waffen SS. That odd, indirect defense of the sham poetry Grass did not write but typed up to attack Israel delivers an unexpected enlightenment: […]

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A Günter Grass Manifesto

April 9, 2012

. Ezra Pound is noted, finally, for living the last decade of his life – after his indictment for treasonous, antisemitic broadcasts in support of Mussolini, and his confinement to the asylum of St. Elizabeth’s – in near silence. “I know nothing at all…. I have even forgotten the name of that Greek philosopher who […]

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How We Lived On It (47) – Two Ways of the World

April 8, 2012

. The exquisite “If,” by Michael Nyman, from the 1995 Japanese anime film of The Diary of Anne Frank, is here performed in recital by the Michael Nyman Band and Welsh contralto Hilary Summers. The music’s poignant  beauty gains measure in the sublimity of the recital setting: the human aspiration to transcendent height and aesthetic refinement joined in […]

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Limbaugh: Censor or Censure?

April 6, 2012

. My post on “Rush Limbaugh and the Free Market of Speech” drew a comment from JP that is thoughtful and challenging, and I think my responding to it at length can deepen the exploration and understanding of what opponents of Limbaugh are doing in the media campaign against him and of what it is […]

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Rescue Me

April 4, 2012

. When I was in the second grade, I ran away from home. I told one or two of my classmates at school of my intention, and at the end of the day, when the school bus from P.S. 18 dropped us off about a mile further west along Hillside Avenue, in Queens Village, in […]

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Rush Limbaugh and the Free Market of Speech

April 3, 2012

. It’s hard enough sharing the country with a bunch of jerks, why do so many of them have to be so full of shit? (Or is that a contradictory complaint?) The jerks, of course, are those who stand for everything you detest.  You know – the other side. The full-of-shit are fairly equally distributed, […]

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Imagine the Dred Scott Decision Were Still the Law of the Land

April 2, 2012

. An Indigenous People Forum on the Impact of the Doctrine of Discovery was held on March 23 on the floor of the Arizona State House of Representatives. “The event was hosted by the Native American Caucus of the Arizona State Legislature, and presided over by the O’otham Hemuchkam upon whose traditional territories as O’otham […]

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Eating Poetry (XXXIII) – Left Behind

April 1, 2012

. An Elegy: December, 1970 Edgar Bowers Almost four years, and, though I merely guess What happened, I can feel the minutes’ rush Settle like snow upon the breathless bed— And we who loved you, elsewhere, ignorant. From my deck, in the sun, I watch boys ride Complexities of wind and wet and wave: Pale […]

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