Corporations Are People Too

by A. Jay Adler on January 22, 2010
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Yesterday a five-judge liberal conservative activist majority conservatively radically respected overturned a century of multiple Supreme Court precedents and with respect contempt for the original intent of the framers, more fully than ever declared that corporations are people deserving of “special rights” – the right to buy elections. (You don’t have enough money to buy an election, do you? Probably your friend doesn’t – unless, of course, your friend is a corporation. Now we know what “of the people, by the people, and for the people” means to conservatives.) But don’t worry, haven’t the big financial institutions demonstrated well enough already how concerned they are with our interests, how responsibly they will use their money?

Obama got elected, liberals got comfy. Conservative crazies stole the show. Maybe this conservative-court/corporate hijacking can reignite liberals the way healthcare did the kool aid tea drinkers. New legislation is possible.

Sign Congressman Alan Grayson’s petition. (He’s no punk.)

Sign the Organizing for America/MyBarackObama petition.



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