NY State Senate Gay Marriage Debate

by A. Jay Adler on June 23, 2011
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It ain’t the Constitutional Convention.

The National Review Online today offers a truly bizarre joint op-ed by New York Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long and Democratic State Senator Ruben Diaz. It is bizarre because it can only be a testament to the depth of Diaz’s opposition to gay marriage that he would sign on to what is otherwise as much a full-throated partisan call for smarter Republican politics.  Produced with that mixed purpose, what is otherwise striking is how poorly argued is the case Long and Diaz make. Like just about any party to an apparently losing argument, the two representative legislators forget all about the republican nature of American government and its representative democracy by calling for a direct democratic referendum on the issue. They offer, in fact, at the outset, only one reasoned argument on the issue.

Same-sex marriage is a government takeover of an institution the government did not create and should not redefine.

via If the NY Senate Passes Gay Marriage, It’s Republicans Who Will Take the Heat – By Ruben Diaz & Michael Long – The Corner – National Review Online.

Is that really the best they can do? Indeed, the government should not redefine religiously – for religious institutions – what such institutions as a matter of doctrine and faith may consider marriage, or in regard to any other issue. However, since marriage is also a civil institutions, civilly sanctioned in law – and in that representation, indeed created by the government – government has the right and even the proper function, when it may deem it appropriate, to reconsider and even redefine marriage, just as it might any other civil institution.

I hope they’re better with budgets…

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