Politics as a Continuation of War by Other Means (Update)

by A. Jay Adler on June 9, 2010
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Apropos of my post of earlier today, Normblog, offers one of his periodically superb guest posts from Eve Garrard: Israel, human decency, common humanity.

Garrard scores writers Fintan O’Toole and Iain Banks for their own indecent attacks on Israel by running through the litany of human and national indecencies that enemies of Israel purposefully ignore. She ends,

Third, and most importantly, every point I’ve made in this post has been made before, by many others, many many times: forcefully, cogently, analytically; both passionately and dispassionately; with humour and with despair. It hasn’t made the slightest difference to the likes of Banks and O’Toole. Nor to the many others shouting or whispering at us, in the teeth of the evidence, that Gaza is the new Warsaw Ghetto, and that Israel is really Nazi Germany come again – and so it’s fine to hate Israel, it’s to your credit to hate it, it shows the world that you have simple human decency.

Why is this? And where will it lead?

The answer to why is that it is not an argument in search of truth, a debate open to resolutions of reasoned persuasion. It is a war, of the kind I describe below. Why primary belligerents in that war, such as Hamas, are fighting it they tell us very directly. The question of why others are enlisting themselves in that war has multiple answers, some wearily historic, some of more modern vintage, and there are writers and historians regularly well addressing that question for those who care to know.

As to where it will lead, that remains to be determined.


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