Scratch an Anti-Zionist

by A. Jay Adler on December 6, 2010
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It isn’t just that to anyone not already disabled by bias the truth about Helen Thomas was readily apparent in her go back where they came from remarks. It was also that there were those, as always there are, who having convinced themselves that their own political animus is other and innocent, found over interpretation and excess in the response to her.

Said Stephen Walt still months after

After a long and distinguished career, journalist Helen Thomas makes one regrettable and offensive statement and she loses her job, even though she offered a quick and genuine apology.

Snidely offered Glenn Greenwald in superfluous knee jerk, while purusing an entirely different topic,

Perhaps if Helen Thomas had attended more water park parties with the White House and her fellow reporters, she’d still have her job.

And now, for want of a cozier relation to power and the compulsions of the singular and regrettable, Helen Thomas, who perhaps misspoke herself, speaks herself more clearly.


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