Some Pawnee Come Home

by A. Jay Adler on March 20, 2009
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Prior to 1907 there existed in the United States an area referred to as the Indian Territory, an area, ultimately reduced to the Oklahoma territory, to which various Indian Tribes were removed from their native grounds in order to make way for white settlement. These relocations became famously dramatic through the Trail of Tears that resulted from the Indian Removal Act of 1830 under President Andrew Jackson. The Cherokee, the Choctaw, and the Chickasaw Indians were among the tribes removed to the Oklahoma territory who reside there to this day.

The Pawnee were relocated to Oklahoma from another territory, that of what is now the state of Nebraska. Now, Kevin Abourezk of the Lincoln Journal Star (and blogging as Redclout) reports about a spiritual and symbolic return of the Pawnee to their native territory made possible in part by an extraordinary act of conscience and restitution by the Nebraska writer Roger Welsch.



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