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Maureen Dowd and her Critics

September 24, 2012

. A couple of interesting comments from Noga and David on my post, “A Political Hall of Mirrors,” prompts these further considerations on the reaction to Maureen Dowd’s neocon puppet master column. I don’t think this is a subject in which people need necessarily hold hard positions unwaveringly and completely opposed to differing views. Of [...]

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A Political Hall of Mirrors

September 18, 2012

. Bob from Brockley writes (from Brockley, I presume) to offer compliment and commentary to my last post on Maureen Dowd. Bob and I are usually in close alignment on such issues as have arisen from Dowd’s recent column on the neocons. In this case not. Bob (whom, if you don’t, you really should be [...]

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Male Genital Enhancement

July 9, 2012

. This essay originally appeared in The Times of Israel, July 3, 2012. Is it too fanciful to imagine that Germany  might wait, say, a thousand years, the length of an eponymously termedTausendjähriges Reich, before any governmental body in that country could feel sufficiently conscientiously liberated as to actually restrict a Jewish religious rite, i.e. [...]

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“How the Left Turned Against the Jews”

March 30, 2012

. Nick Cohen at Standpoint writing, in “How the Left Turned Against the Jews,” about Colin Shindler’s new book, Israel and the European Left: But in a strange manner few discuss, the death of Communism has freed far-Left ideas from the cage of the Cold War. When the far Left was a global force, the [...]

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The Unsound Judgment of Peter Beinart

March 22, 2012

. Just over two years ago, I wrote a post titled “The Unsound Judgment of Andrew Sullivan.” Sullivan, for all his true virtues, is a man of strikingly unsound judgment. He swings, he swings frequently, he swings with emotion from one impassioned response to another, a kind of journalistic Thaïs transforming regularly from the life of [...]

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Libertarians: Call Them Irresponsible

January 18, 2012

. The full range of Ron Paul’s reeking extremism was exposed yesterday by The New Republic. Ron Paul has recently suggestedthere was only a “total of about eight or ten sentences” of “bad stuff” in the newsletters that he regularly used to publish under his name. This assertion was patently false: As TNR has shown, the newsletters [...]

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The Libertarian Delusion

January 5, 2012

. One of the signatures of the fallen human state is how precipitously and flat seemingly reasonable people can land on their cogitative rears. Accordingly, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on ourselves. You watch me, friend. I’ll be checking you. For now, we have Ron Paul. In addition to certain strains of [...]

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Ron Paul and Cranky Libertarianism

January 2, 2012

. Here’s the thing about Ron Paul – he’s not an outlier. I don’t mean that every libertarian is as bad as the worst of what is on the record of what Ron Paul has published in his name or believes or may privately feel. I mean that libertarianism by nature – which is to [...]

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Circumcision Cuts Both Ways (Ay, there’s the rub)

June 16, 2011

Circumcision has been in the news lately. (What makes it “news.”) More precisely, it is anti-circumcision sentiment that has been in the news. The issue is going to be on the ballot in San Francisco in November and was due to be considered in Santa Monica, California until the measure was withdrawn due to controversy. [...]

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Libya and the End of the American Imperium

March 31, 2011

Watching the array of opinion on Libya play out over the screen of public pronouncement and positioning has been a marvel, a kind of international and inter-ideological performance art – the Western political mind CAT-scanned, back lit, and thrown onto a blotter. It looks a lot like a Pollack. We’ve got the neocon “freedom agenda,” [...]

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The U.S. International Role: Conservative & Progressive

March 16, 2011

I offered my take on the current war of words and ideas over whether the U.S. should engage in more warlike action in Libya. Now, there are three essential considerations at The Atlantic. Substituting for James Fallows, Sam Roggeveen offers here and here, with more to come, two deeply considered  posts (beneath the common sturm [...]

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The High Spark of the Low Heels, Boys

October 26, 2010

Politics is a contemptible business. Public service, that’s something else. Government? That’s not what politics is. Politics is a sewer. It leads those who participate in it, especially in any regular form, to employ every low human behavior except, generally, murder, though accusations even of it are not now unheard of. And because the politicians [...]

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People Give Themselves Away

October 6, 2010

They do. They really do. Once they cross a certain psychological border of irrational – but always rationalized – bias in their thinking about a subject, and it thus emerges as a kind of fetish, they give themselves away. They can’t help themselves. Often, the clues are subtle, though hardly hidden, and they are frequently [...]

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The Unsound Judgment of Andrew Sullivan

February 11, 2010

Earlier in the day I wrote the following email to Jeffrey Goldberg about the current eruption between Leon Wieseltier of the New Republic and ex NR editor, blogger Andrew Sullivan, in which Wieseltier accuses Sullivan of anti-Semitism I may or may not comment on Wieseltier-Sullivan on my own blog (that’s certainly what we all need [...]

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Tortured Argument

May 8, 2009

The next several years of the torture debate will be variously instructive, not least in what we already see in the low form and manner of important public political argument among figures who should have been schooled to a higher level. The debate will last at least a few years, and it will distress in [...]

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The Reckoning Will Come

April 29, 2009

Others will not let us forget – as they shouldn’t – even if we want to. The Spanish, through Baltasar Garzon, held Pinochet to account decades later. Now they turn the scrutiny of the law on the U.S., which has long and often sought to hold others to account. Who will we be in the [...]

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Journalistic Cowardice

April 27, 2009

Andrew Sullivan, of whom I have been quite critical of late, is nonetheless pursuing the U.S. torture issue – multiple times daily – with diligence and courage. He focuses not just on the lies and current self-serving campaign of Cheney and former Bush administration officials, but also on the cowardice and incompetence of even the [...]

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The Meaning of Insidious, or a Dog with a Bone

April 4, 2009

Andrew Sullivan is a decent guy. He is also, maybe, the world’s top blogger. I’ve read his blog a long time. That’s because, in part, he’s a decent guy. I’ve written critically of him before. That’s because, in part, he’s maybe the world’s top blogger. What do I mean by that? Sullivan’s The Daily Dish [...]

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