Billie Holiday

Picture This: 6 – Herman Leonard

January 20, 2013

. We visited the Grammy Museum Friday evening, on Figueroa Sweet at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles. I expected something glitzy and promotional, fit for Universal City Walk and while there are elements, it is a serious small museum, focused on listening experiences, where one can gain a beginning university education in the history and features of twentieth-century American popular music. [...]

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Jazz Is: 33 – Occupy Love

October 29, 2011

. One of my occasional exceptions to the has-to-be-an-interesting-video rule. The last time I heard this, a couple of months ago, I was sitting in a storefront window on Ninth Avenue in Manhattan with a cup of coffee, thinking about love. There’s Wall Street and politics, and there’s real life, before, during, and after. A Billie Holiday original. Don’t bother. [...]

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Jazz Is 7:Billie Holiday, Fine and Mellow

July 28, 2010

Some faces are like watching the wind move through the trees. Oh, yes, and the voice. And the music. A song written by Holiday, accompanied by a star-shot band. The three tenor saxes alone are heavenly wattage. In the most famous performance of the song, on CBS, from a 1957 television special, The Sound of [...]

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