The NRA and the Irrational Right

December 21, 2012

. There is room elsewhere for indignation at the NRA’s response today to the Newtown mass murder of children and educators by a mentally ill young man whose gun-owning mother apparently did not keep her firearm’s beyond a disturbed son’s reach. The outrage should be universal. But the irrationality is that of the American right, […]

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Nation, Culture, and Identity

October 19, 2010

The truth is that none of the ideas against which Adam Levick argued last week in response to my “The Churchill Doctrine” and “Incoherence on Race and Culture“ are positions that I hold. How can that be? Adam is the estimable managing editor of CiF Watch, a blog finely dedicated to exposing the rampant, ugly […]

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Unveiling a Full Ban on Full Veils

April 22, 2010

The New York Times reports on French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plan to introduce a bill in May to ban the wearing of the full veil in public places in France including from streets, markets and shops, according to his spokesman, Luc Chatel. Sarkozy intends the bill, a follow up to the 2004 ban on conspicuous […]

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Earth Day Climate Change Conference

April 21, 2010

Officially titled the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, the conference, running from April 19 though tomorrow is being hosted by President Evo Morales of Bolivia, which has the only majority indigenous population in the Western Hemisphere, at approximately 55%. The following press release from the Indigenous Environmental Network […]

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The Open Mind I: Riposte

October 8, 2009

ShrinkWrapped has replied to The Open Mind I: Call Me Irresponsible.  While there has not been much liberal contribution in the commenting (I am a master of understatement) what comment has been made has been highly civil. It is a matter of importance to me, and SW has requested it of his own commenters. I […]

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Looking at the Way We Look at Things II

September 22, 2009

Confirmation Bias: Even If You Like the Cat When I review with students the fundamentals of academic and intellectual honesty, I take it beyond the obvious perils of plagiarism. I explore with them the massive managerial task of sifting, sorting, and employing the evidence and arguments they have gathered through research, my principal focus in […]

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Blog Love

March 26, 2009

Don’t know why I’ve only just discovered him, don’t know how he isn’t bigger than Kos and Instapundit combined, but Patrick Barkman, blogging as The Local Crank, is my current blog throb. Barkman offers “Musings & Sardonic Commentary on Politics, Religion, Culture & Native American Issues.” About himself: Just a simple Cherokee trial lawyer, Barkman […]

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A Late Homage to John Updike

March 21, 2009

If you missed it, the February 9 & 16 issue of The New Yorker offered representative samples of Updike’s over fifty years as a contributor of short stories, poetry, essays and criticism. This excerpt is from his memoir A Soft Spring Night in Shillington, in which he ruminates on the pleasure of finding close shelter […]

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Commemorating the Apache Experience: in Photos

February 27, 2009

Photography by JD To read about the Geronimo Commemoration, see AJA’s report here. For background on the event read Repressed National Memories and Old San Carlos and a Blessing. SUBSCRIBE to the sad red earth.

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We Shall Remain

February 19, 2009

If you haven’t yet heard about it, a remarkable five-part series will air on PBS’s The American Experience beginning in April. Entitled We Shall Remain, the co-production by Native Public Media (an Unusual Suspect, blog right) and WBGH of Boston offers a new perspective on American history – a Native perspective, from the Mayflower through […]

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More on Kellogg’s and its “Image”

February 7, 2009

Andrew Sullivan offers more regarding the dumping of Phelps and the truth about Kellogg’s. Munchies anyone? And a war on onanism. AJA

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Culture Clash

February 6, 2009

So Herman Rosenblat’s falsified Holocaust memoir, Angel at the Fence will now be published not as non-fiction, but as fiction – based upon a screenplay – adapted from the fraudulent true story – because people need stories – and need to believe the stories are true – or could be – since if someone could […]

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What Lurks Beneath II

February 6, 2009

Caught Dennis Hopper cajoling his fellow post-rebellion boomers (actually he aint; he’s 71) to buy Ameriprise retirement services? It isn’t that Hopper has “sold out.” He did that years ago, and the very notion of “selling out” is itself the puerile notion of just the kind of foolish people who might be influenced by Hopper’s […]

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What Lurks Beneath

February 6, 2009

The whole Michael Phelps pot and bong tabloid-morality bonanza offers up only the latest iteration of a tiresome cultural phenomenon that deserves a speedy death. That it contains a surprising component of envious leveling of the high and mighty – so much accomplishment, so much fame, so much fortune, so fast – enacted against someone […]

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Apache Chronicles

January 31, 2009

Douglas Miles, subject of our previous post, wil be exhbiting his work at the Dada Contemporary gallery in Tucson, AZ, 439 N. 6th Avenue, opening reception this coming Saturday February 7 from 6-8 p.m.  The Apache Skateboard Team will perform. AJA

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People of San Carlos II

January 29, 2009

Douglas Miles is Apache. He is an artist. He is an entrepreneur. He is a skateboard crew leader. He is an activist and “community organizer,” of a kind. (Photos by Brendan Moore: Can he be any one of those things alone? Or, for most people, must every role he takes on be encountered only […]

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It’s All a Vanity Fair

January 24, 2009

But my vanity is fairer than yours. When I canceled my subscription to Vanity Fair a couple of years ago, some months after I stopped reading my monthly subscription issue, it was because, slow as I am, it had finally occurred to me that despite the high end gloss – or, rather, actually, because of […]

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