Eden ahbez

How We Lived On It (49) – The First Hippie

May 5, 2012

. “When I was young, I dreamed of a boy searching for God. Now I am old, and I dream of God searching for a boy.” The focus of yesterday’s Jazz Is, the vocal standard “Nature Boy,” was written by eden ahbez. This is not like saying written by Johnny Mercer or  Jimmy Van Heusen. ahbez [...]

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Jazz Is: 38 – “Nature Boy”

May 4, 2012

. For a marvelous contrast, sample both of the versions below of eden ahbez‘s famous jazz ballad, “Nature Boy.” The first is a classic, serenely tasteful rendition by Nat King Cole, who first performed and recorded the song. The second, longer performance is the stunningly inventive rendition arranged by Ross Burford and Connaitre Miller for Howard University’s Jazz [...]

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