The Dangers of Golden Dawn – and National Public Radio

November 13, 2012

. Where do we find the licensing body for the journalistic profession? Who are the determinants of journalistic malpractice? There are none. Sanction for malpractice can be found only in the response of the audience. What price will National Public Radio pay for the following travesty, aired this morning and, of course, disseminated widely, such [...]

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“What Must Be Said” Is Nothing

April 12, 2012

. I have heard it said – better, I have read it in a tweet – that Gunther Grass could hardly have been expected, at 17, to resist recruitment into the Waffen SS. That odd, indirect defense of the sham poetry Grass did not write but typed up to attack Israel delivers an unexpected enlightenment: [...]

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Nazi Tourette’s

May 14, 2010

The definitive Glenn Beck take down. What it says about the state of the American political scene that the most incisive commentary on it is being offered by satirists is subject for another day. Go to the bathroom. Empty your bladder. Come back and watch. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p [...]

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