political cynicism

The Hastert Rule

January 3, 2013

. It is such a given so little reflected upon by its participants and observers, that political life leads to cynicism, that even when reflection periodically takes place, much is lost in the glare. Consider in this regard the already commonplace observation that in clambering back atop the “fiscal cliff” on Tuesday, the GOP-controlled House […]

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Mitt Romney Thinks You’re a Moron

August 14, 2012

. Conventional wisdom is not precisely an oxymoron (time really does fly), but it is not infrequently moronic. The conventional wisdom that the Romney campaign wishes to create around Paul Ryan is one of rare courage and unusual intelligence and experience in budgetary matters – the GOP’s fiscal Brainiac for the Chinese (I mean Second […]

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“Emergency” Committee for Israel Uses Israel as a Wedge Issue

October 20, 2011

. The Emergency (sic) Committee for Israel video to which I regrettably subjected readers last Thursday is doing its job and drawing more attention. More people are talking about it and more people are talking about the bogus issue of anti-Semitism at the Occupy Wall Street protests. One point of hypocritical confusion requires immediate clarification. […]

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