Ten Questions for Monday

by A. Jay Adler on June 28, 2010
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Weekend is over. Back to work.

  1. Who is right about Iran, Leon Wieseltier or Fareed Zakaria? The answer later in the week. (The Answer Man)
  2. What would be the nature of a Democratic president who was truly a Democrat, pursuing truly Democratic policies, with whom conservatives would genuinely respectfully disagree?
  3. Is a female politician who disdains feminism like a worker who earns 30 dollars per hour, with a 35 hour work week, benefits, sick leave, and two-weeks paid vacation, who hates unions?
  4. How much environmental damage would be enough for conservatives to believe that the loss of oil industry jobs was a necessary price to pay?
  5. Does self-consciousness transform every act? If a woman wears two-inch heels in the full knowledge and desire that they sexualize her for men, do her knowledge and wish release her from the bonds of male desire? Does the woman then bind men in female desire, or has the woman only adopted the male vision of the female as her own?
  6. Put your money down – Yankees, Tampa Bay, or Boston?
  7. Did you know that Amnesty International claims that Israel still occupies Gaza, even though Israel dismantled its settlements there and withdrew in 2005? Do you know what AI’s definition of occupation is?
  8. The rich kid on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis television series, named Chatsworth Osborne Jr., was preceded for six episodes on the series in a similar role by what ultimately world famous film actor and director?
  9. Referring to question number 1, should the U.S. ever foster or support popular uprisings in undemocratic states? What should be the criteria for deciding to do so, if ever?
  10. Was Albert Camus right, when he said, “We must simultaneously serve suffering and beauty”?



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